# 5 Major Challenges during basement finishing Toronto

Renovating a basement has been always a great idea to create additional space to live in. But if you are renovating your old basement and try to create a new space to live in with latest design and innovation, then this will not be an easy task for you. You must consider time and money management skills to do a meaningful renovation of the basement. Here I found five major challenges associated during basement finishing Toronto best from industry practices are as follows.

toronto basement finishing

1) How to create a space brighter without having the natural sunlight?

Natural light is very much important and paint your walls with light colors. The Color of walls can be off white, yellow and cream color. Light color reflects natural sunlight in a better way. You can use green and pink colors if they are not distracting and sinking. Light plays a vital role in the basement finishing Toronto.

2) Installation of the durable floor on concrete

The easiest way to install the floor in the basement is to put on the plywood subfloor. It provides the feeling of warmth and stability, thereby maintaining the level of the floor. If you have limited space where you can’t use plywood subfloor then you can use under padding as an alternative. You need to hire a professional company who also provides complete solutions in your basement finishing Toronto.

basement finishing toronto

3) Finishing of the ceiling without blocking access

Most of the homemakers prefer drywall ceilings because it is a solid traditional surface with good durability. Drywall is economical as compared to other similar products available in the market. You may consider a drop ceiling at least for the critical areas. Drop ceiling can be an ideal replacement of drywall ceilings since it can be used in bathrooms, bedrooms and even living spaces. You need to also think other areas than a basement and install the mix type ceilings to get maximum benefits. Again, you need to have creative and innovative too, for this task. You need to do some research about it too.

 basement finishing in toronto

4) How to deal with heating ducts

If it is possible to put frames around ducts, then you must use. Better to paint these areas with white or off-white colors. This blog is useful for those who are looking for a plan to renovate his basement, but again, lots of other factors depend like location, size, and design of the room. The main theme behind is to finish your basement, beautifully and economically.

5) How to avoid concrete walls to get moisture

Better use rigid foam insulation directly against the walls to maintain the warmth and dryness. The color of the product can be pink, blue or yellow and you need to have a chat with your contractor to use an adhesive material to attach. Avoid the use of expanded foam because it is having lower insulation value and less durable maybe it will be economical for you. Wood or steel studs can be useful to create the wall frame inside the insulation with proper spacing.