Different Types of Painting Textures with Scarborough Painters

Do you want your home to look appealing once the painting is completed? Well, when you are thinking to paint your house, you should carry out a thorough research about the painting job. You should get in touch with a certified and licensed painter. Only a certified Scarborough painter will carry out the painting job in a superior manner. Only then appeal of the home would increase and would offer a huge resale value to the owner.

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Understanding the Job

Homeowners need to have a proper idea the different kind of textures. Only then one would be able to get their desired texture on the walls.

Textured Paint

With textured paints, no longer would a homeowner or a painter need to spend a countless number of hours with a sponge for getting the effect. They can get with textured paints.

Scarborough painters experts define textured painting provides a great look to any home. Basically, the thick consistency of the paint can create a patterned effect on the walls; the paint consists of grains of salt and gypsum that binds with thinned water binder. In fact, it is due to the heavy consistency of the paint, it can be used in different areas, such as for covering the joints of a drywall or even for painting the drywall.

Get To Know the Different Types

Painting professionals point out that a wide variety of textured paints being available in the market.

If you are interested to know about the different texture paints, you would be required to go through the rest of the blog.

  • Smooth Textured Paint

Scarborough painters define this kind of texture paint is a little heavy and thick than other paints. The reason is pretty simple. It doesn’t contain any sand grains in them. It creates a smooth texture but it shouldn’t be applied with a paintbrush. Rather, a knife or trowel is used. The thickness looks like a plaster finish or stucco.

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  • Premixed Texture 

Painters love to work with this kind of paint. Once this paint is applied, it provides a nice look. With sand additives being present in the paint, it needs to be stirred before application. It can be directly applied to the space. Due to the presence of the sand, it offers a grainy look. This kind of paint works best on ceilings and walls which don’t draw much attention.

  • Self Mixing

This kind of paint requires a lot of work from the end of the Scarborough painter. Here, the texture paint needs to be added to the base paint. Hence, the painters can easily control the texture they want in their paint. As it involves a DIY job, the quantity of sand and grain size can be easily regulated.

These three paints are the most popular types in the market. However, if you want, you can go for other types, such as popcorn texture paint. Still, a thing of concern about these painting is that they create more surface area. So in order to get the desired effect, homeowners might need to buy some extra cans of paint.